A Holiday Package to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia, which is surrounded by India on its north, west, and east. Earlier a part of India itself, Bangladesh was separated, only to become an independent country. However, it continues to be house to some amazing tourist spots, lush forests, as well as the mesmerizing flora and fauna. Hills, lakes, waterfalls, and other such natural sightseeing spots form the centre of attraction for the tourists visiting Bangladesh.

With a holiday package to this stunning country of Bangladesh, you can explore a large variety of naturally breathtaking destinations that not many of us would know about. Starting with two of the highest peaks in this country, you can head to the Chimbuk and Keokradong Hills, respectively. The jaw-dropping views from these hilltops are worth all the effort you will put in reaching to the top. Standing below the vast sky on the Chimbuk peak, you will feel that you are floating amidst the clouds. These picturesque scenes can be captured in your camera for a livelong memory. Breathing in the fresh air, when you are at such a height, will relieve you of all the stress and tension. If sitting by the lake or river and watching the sun set slowly in the water is something that excites you, then you can visit the Boga Lake. This hill lake in Bangladesh is a one of its kind water body, where you can enjoy a camp fire with your family and friends during the nature trail. Other water bodies that add to the natural beauty of the place are the Prantik Lake and Sangu River.

Not many would think of visiting Bangladesh for a family vacation, because the place’s exquisiteness makes it more appealing to the honeymooners. Serene and heavenly, Bangladesh can be a great holiday spot for the newlyweds. Wishing to spend some quality time with your spouse in Bangladesh, you can head to the Nafakhum, Remakri, Rijuk, and Shaila Propat Waterfalls respectively. These extraordinary waterfalls are some of the most visited tourist attractions in Bangladesh during the monsoon season. Depending on your mood, you can choose to either have a dip in the cool water gushing down through these waterfalls, or relax on a nearby rock as you gaze at the striking natural water body. The Cox’s Bazar beach can be your next destination, when in Bangladesh for a vacation. Many such other naturally beautiful destinations can be visited in association with Magic Holidays, which is a Timeshare product!